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In order to help you succeed, we offer real AI and ML solutions.

ASOM AI is a branch of ASOM INTERCONTINENTAL INVESTMENT LIMITED, which is a registered company in Nigeria with an address at G/10 Ege Street, Afin Akoko, Akoko North West, Ondo State, Nigeria.

ASOM AI trains individuals, government agencies, corporate organizations, non-governmental organizations, and research institutes on AI and related fields, as well as—new technologies like machine learning and data science for prediction, estimation, forecasting, data analytics, big data analytics, etc.

ASOM AI provides the latest guidance and training on multidisciplinary machine learning research. This includes biomedical, oil and gas modeling, petroleum engineering, civil engineering, and material sciences.

We are also a consulting/advisory firm that tackles business and corporate problems utilizing ML/AI. Our experienced and competent staff works directly with you to turn your data into valuable insights and learned models.

ASOM AI’s solutions are built on novel algorithms and models developed by highly trained and experienced teams over many years.

ASOM AI provides platforms to learn the fundamentals of AI and Machine Learning skills that you can use right away to solve problems in your business, product, or field of specialization.

Some unique things about ASOM AI are:

  • Introduction to AI and Machine Learning.
  • Free Live Classes on Saturdays: 7:30 AM GMT+1.
  • WhatsApp/Telegram Groups or regular free training and resources.
  • 3-Days Basic Training Course.
  • On-demand Paid Intensive Training for Specific Needs in AI/ ML/ DS.
  • Paid 1-on-1 Engagements with Experienced AI practitioners.

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